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The Majestic Supercell

Eruption on the Prairie

Eruption on the Prairie

What a splendid day. Knowing storms wouldn't be moving too fast, and that we could get back east of the dryline fairly quickly, we awaited development to our east -- by hanging out in Badlands National Park. After hiking, doing photography and eating lunch at the nice restaurant there, we saw a line of storm towers erupt as if on cue. One of them grew very large, very fast. This storm quickly became dominant, striking a bright and beautiful pose across the waving green wheat fields and pleasantly rolling prairies of South Dakota. At the time of this photo, it was evolving from multicell into supercell structure, and within half an hour, would produce a funnel cloud. The storm conveniently followed I-90 across central South Dakota until past sunset, affording us many interesting views, and the pleasure of the company of several long-time friends who had gathered with us to witness the same spectacle.

2 N Belvidere SD (11 Jun 3) Looking ENE