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Sea Foam 1

Sea Foam

Always changing, never the same as ever before, swirling forms of foam on the ocean twist themselves into an infinite variety of shapes, shapes within, and shapes further within. I could have taken a thousand different photos; but two will suffice as well. When I was a child, I sometimes would blow on a foamy cup of hot chocolate or bowl of soup to watch the fluid spin little cyclones and anticyclones. That fascination with fluid flow carried on into adulthood, not only in meteorology but on the ocean. It took several minutes of rather engrossing viewing before it struck me that there was also a unique, abstract photo opportunity down there. These cold, clear, deep and dark waters offered optimal contrast with the foam atop, only a few miles removed from the cloudy, silt-laden surface of a glacial fjord.

Prince William Sound AK (28 Aug 3) Looking down

Sea Foam 2