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The Majestic Supercell

See Six States and a Storm

See Six States and a Storm

On the outskirts of Genoa (Colorado, not Italy) resides a novelty and antique shop that claims a view of six states from atop its tower. The friendly, if rather offbeat, old gentleman who runs the place was glad to give us storm observers the grand tour as we waited for one of two supercells--one to the NW (shown here), another one to the W, to become dominant and reorganize. He had a collection of glass insulators on the roof; and I warned him that they might be battered and shattered soon from the severe weather moving this way. He didn't seem too fazed, since he already had lost many hundreds of others the same way through the years. A somewhat later view of the western storm is found in the Wall Cloud Wall.

Genoa CO (11 Jun 10), Looking NW