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Slapout Sunset

Slapout Sunset

What can be a more fulfilling finish for a long journey to, under, around and through violent thunderstorms than a fiery Great Plains sunset? This was not a high-priority "chase day" for most storm enthusiasts, being well after the peak of the season; and the few who made it out went after some messy heavy-precip (HP) severe storms 150 miles farther E along the KS/OK border. But when given the choice and the chance, I'll take high plains convection anytime -- even in slightly weaker shear. The storm which finished off my season with this wondrous display also rewarded my efforts with an only-on-the-Great-Plains mammatus show and a classic high-based wall cloud. Though there was almost no hope for tornadoes from the beginning, this was one of my most enjoyable storm days ever.

14 W Slapout OK (29 Jun 97), looking WNW