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Sargent Tornado Underway

Sargent Tornado Underway

(Part 3 of 6) Storm observers typically name tornadoes after the nearest town, in this case Sargent, Nebraska. Fortunately, the tornado was well-removed from town, and never threatened it. It remained narrow but photogenic throughout its lifetime, gradually developing and gradually weakening over open country, with minimal damage and no human casualties. If all tornadoes followed this beautiful script, conscientious spotters and chasers would be just as glad as residents and insurers. [The low-hanging feature under the right (east) side of the wall cloud was not another funnel, though two simultaneous funnels would occur later. Instead it was strongly rising, non-rotating scud.] At this stage, there was a tornadic vortex at ground level and under the funnel, but without enough of a pressure drop to condense available moisture and connect the visible funnel with the ground. That soon would change...

10 SSW Sargent NE (9 Jun 3), Looking NW