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Dusty Pastel Storm

Dusty Pastel Storm

[Part 4 of 4] Our final view of the Sheridan Lake storm complex was this--an otherworldly layer of pastel hues from cool tones above to warm below, in the magic hour of light immediately preceding sunset. Storm observing on the Great Plains entails moments of beauty and uniqueness that go far beyond the hopelessly misleading TV portrayals of "storm chasing" as thrill-a-second adrenaline rushes. So much of the experience, taken to its deepest level of authenticity, involves a thoughtful serenity of immersive appreciation, as the four-dimensional canvas of brilliant grandeur evolves above us. These fluidly painted skies command grateful cognizance, in turn coloring within us an indelible measure of amazed wonderment that enriches an entire lifetime.

9 N Bristol CO (18 Jun 11) Looking W