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Flames of Lightning 2

Flames of Lightning 2

(Part 2 of 2) The lightning-started fire burned on and on through grass, scrub brush and dry oily cedars, resisting multiple efforts by local fire departments to extinguish the inferno. We could see distant flashing lights of the fire vehicles periodically heading out from San Jon to the blaze, making little impact, while a plume of smoke wafted northeastward toward the updraft base. Meanwhile, most of the thunderstorm's rain and lightning passed on to the east and southeast of the fire, giving no aid to those who wanted the flames doused. So-called "dry lightning" (dry where the stroke hits, even if there is rain elsewhere) is a major source of non-human fire ignition all over the American West, and worldwide.

8 SSW San Jon NM (29 May 97), looking NE.