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Daytime Lightning

A.M. Electricity

Strike from a Wall Cloud

Western Oklahoma
in Springtime

Virga Strike

Northwest Flank CG

Blown Discharge

Atmospheric Strobe

Red Electric Halo

Flash with Fireball

CG from the
412 Storm

Elm Springs Blast 1

Elm Springs Blast 2

Channing Enchantment

Beyond Buttes

Closeby Forked CG

Six a.m. Strike

CG behind Arcus

Lightning on
Cheyenne Ridge

Zap to the Air
at Sunset

Tall CG from
Elevated Left Mover

Midday in New Mexico

Severe Storm beyond
Oklahoma Wheat

Purple Ribbon Above

Electric Green Sky

Path of Least Resistance

Cloud-to-Air Discharge

Voda CG

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