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Hurricane Andrew

As the time it struck, Andrew (24 Aug 92) was the 3rd strongest hurricane--and at the time, the costliest natural disaster--ever to hit the continental U.S., with insured and uninsured damage totalling nearly $30 billion. Andrew was a Category 5 hurricane, according to reanalyses released by the National Hurricane Center in August 2002, with a minimum central pressure at landfall (southern Dade County FL, now known as Miami-Dade County) of 922 mb and peak winds of 165 mph. I was fortunate enough to be in the eyewall, and to witness its tremendous power. Here are a few graphic reminders...

Wall off Saga Bay Apartments

Collapsed Strip Mall Roof

Storefront Rubble

Fallen Bell Tower

Impaled Palm

Fallen Miami Radar

Penetrated Stick

Collapsed Store Roof

Sailing down the Street

Hurricane Hotel

Mobile Home Pieces in Trees

Storm Surged

Car on Car

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