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Night Lightning

Electrical Twins

Plasma Sampling

Tower-to-Tower Lightning

Tall Spark Reflected

Aerial Filaments

Hanging Aerial Filament

Out of the
Retreating Supercell

Supercell Sparks Aloft

Texas Two Steps

Channel Dance

Extended Spark

Night Storm Coming

Kansas Non-Tornado

When Thunderstorms Collide

Lightning at Moonrise

Stroke of Brilliance

Fireworks, Florida Style

Anvil Crawlers

Lightning up the
Sooner Nation

Forked CGs

Monumental Strike

Layer Cake

Deadly Forks

Multiple Branching Strokes

Erick's Electrics

Down and Out

Anvil Zit

More Anvil Zits

Mammatus Crawler

Lightning beyond
the Lake

Microburst & CG

Vault CG

Long Horizontal Filament

Bountifully Branching Blast

Alien Surge

Sparking Sky

Channels of Charge

Circuit Breaker

Ultimate Generator

Electrified Squall Line

Nocturnal Supercell

Wind-shaped Lightning Stroke

Colorado Crawler

Geese not Cooked

KC Lightning Set

Sizzling Convection

Hell on Earth: The Vault

Multicells Aglow

CG and Anvil Crawlers

Illuminated Multicell Structures

Tail Lightning

Walkin' CG

Storm Lit Four Ways

Thunderous Triumvirate

OU Lightning

Lakefront Electrical

Silhouetting by Sparks

Hell on Wheeler

Tilted Current

Bright Night

Spider Lightning

Prelude to Danger

Tall & Close

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