===== ROGER'S SKYPIX =====

Visual Effects and Oddities

Cumulus Spotlight

Rain Sun

Solar Flattening

Nebular Cloudscape

Sundogs (Parhelia)

Perishing Pileus

Shimmering Schist

Lunar Corona

Turquoise Core

Upward Cloud Shadow


Annular Eclipse

Aerial Twilight

A Peculiar Experience

Distant Urban
Sky Glow

Downside Up

Mirages on a
Western Road

Glimmering Seas

Storm Shadow

Storm Shadow
over Smoke

Rainbows near Sunset

"Flat Sun" from Florida

New Year's Day
Dust Storm

Double Rainbow,
North Dakota

Moon through Anvil

The Ray of Hope

End of the Rainbow

The Farnham Fakenado

Doppler Ray-dar

Rainbow along the Caprock

Anvil Shadowing Altocumulus

Wet vs. Dry

Fountain Bow

Lighting and Lightning

Pinatubo Dust Glow
over South Florida

22 Degree Halo

Aqueous Nocturne

Eerie Stormscape

Mono Fractal

Split Rock Tree Puddle

Mirroring a
Sunset Storm

Every Silver Lining
Has a Cloud

Some Clouds Have
a Golden Lining

Halo Rays

Salt Particle Reflections

Sun in Cirrus?

Coronal Reflections

Storm Light at
Hettinger Equity

Earth Shadow

Snow Shafts in
City Lights

Optical Glory

Crepuscular Rays

Double Rainbow over
the Great Plains

Updraft Geyser

Double Rainbow over
Osage County

Light & Shadow Sandwich

Colder Coronal Reflection

Window in the Sky

Forward-flank Stable Layers

Circumzenithal Arc

Radar Shadow

Different Wavelengths

Circumhorizon Arc

Ice Blue

Moonlit Tropical Night

Window of the Sun

Rock Rain

Angular Atmosphere

Balloon Sun

Panhandle Postcrepuscular Rays

Contrail Crossing Crepusculars

Postcrepusculars & Rainbow

Rays through
Rain Shafts

Lunar Crepusculars

Inside Passage Reflections

Crown of Alpenglow

Baily's Beads

Reflections of
Pictured Rocks

Rocky Mountain Rainbow

Storm Shadow
on Volcanoes

Double Reflected
Convective Pastels

Double Rainbow

Crepuscular Rays

Thunderhead over Haze

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