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Unusual Weather Damage

and Aftereffects

The intent here is not glorify storm damage or the misfortune associated with it; that is why I was reluctant to post non-Andrew damage shots online until SkyPix had already been online for 6 years. [If you haven't done so already, please read my essay, Company Loves Misery, about popular and media photography of storm damage.] But there is some good in documenting unusual weather damage which isn't gratuitous, and/or which can help people to learn more about how severe and hazardous weather works. That is the reason for this page.

Harrah "Hailburst"

Ice Damage at the
National Weather Center

Hole Puncher

Impaled Palm

Crumpled Vehicle

Snap & Hang

Snap & Spike

Saw Blade Penetration

Sturdy but Sideways

Fenced Insulation

Spencer Water Tower

Drive Train, No Truck

F4 Couldn't Move Gloves

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