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Water Works

The atmosphere and the water are interchangeable, intertwined, two inseparable parts of a single system, in phases of ice, vapor and liquid. That's a scientific understanding. Artistically, too, they are also inseparable components, of a whole beauty blending two forms. Here in these pages, I'll share some glimpses of that beauty.

Peak of the Water Cycle

Sunset Silhouettes

Rain Forest Creek

Geometrically Cracked

Magpie High Falls

The Window

Surf Moves

Clear Mountain Stream

Wave Forms

Snow Divots

Everglades Water Lilies

Skeleton Forest

Falls' Fault

Rainier Rush

Wild Florida

Washed and Dried

Flooded Understory

Tumbling Water

Tufa Towers

Gulf Waves

High Plains River

Drought in Oklahoma

Waterfall in Oklahoma

Pyramid Pits

Lake Superior Moonrise

Carved & Caved

Miami Twilight

Root Wash

Abstractly Eroded

Leaf Prints
in the Sand

Nahunta Falls

Leftovers from the
Liquid Lumberjack

Relentless Beatings

Spray Falls

Sand Saturated

Aqueous Influences


Dew Drops in a Web

Icicles Dripping
into Lake

Dry Lake Bed

Lake McConaughy
Dam Release

Reflecting Near and Far

Alpine Plunge

Torrent on the Ledge

Reflected Blue Heron

Snow Cornice

Wintertime at
Mono Lake

Liquid Abstraction

Wet Stones

Sunset Waves

Badlands Clay Pan


Fluid Fractal

Water Worn Weirdness

Gator Swim

Forested Gorge

FIU Reflection

Rumble on the Border

A Prairie River


Reflections: Fall
Foliage and Sky

All the Phases

Tidewater Ripples

Ibis Bath

High Ice

Fedora Shipwreck


Transient Reflections

Spitting Image

Pasterze Glacier

Wavy Clay Slopes

Raindrops on Window Glass

Blue Patches Reflected

The Pits

Reflections of
Natural Pyrotechnics

Cache Cascade

Croc Swim

Tidal Current Channels

Volcanic Steam Eruption

Splitting Cliffs

Sea Foam

Pigeon High Falls

End of Day
at Tampa Bay

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Water Works

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