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Unusual Weather Damage

F4 Couldn't Move Gloves

F4 Couldn't Move Gloves

The fire station at Spencer, SD, was anchored to its slab foundation with 1/4 inch bolts, before the tornado popped the entire building bodily off the bolts and disentegrated it somewhere in midair. I came to this conclusion because the sill plate was cleanly slipped up past the bolt heads (no washers) all around the foundation, and because large, mostly intact and partially connected sections of the building landed to the ENE near the water tower. This scene was eventually rated marginal F4; but something is very odd here. The red fire trucks were not moved -- indeed, were barely scratched except for lost windows -- and the firemen's gloves remained almost precisely placed in their neatly organized rows!

Spencer SD (31 May 98) looking NW