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Pleasant Little Tornado

Pleasant Little Tornado

[Part 4 of 6] That title is true. This storm intercept was logistically smooth and conformed well to my pre-departure forecast, with a few positively reinforcing nowcast calls from Elke and from Matt Biddle. Those factors allowed me to drive 250 miles right to the storm initiation zone, then to track visually -- with no onboard radar -- early towers evolving into a well-structured supercell at a comfortable distance. The tornado was atypically easy to view and photograph, from a hilltop, with a fine western Kansas field in the foreground. No other storm chasers were parked on the side road that I happened to choose when it seemed that tornadogenesis was imminent. Best of all, the tornado lasted several minutes in open country, harming nobody. Wrapping rain eroded away, instead of following the usual trend of thickening through a tornado's lifespan. All that made this wide-angle view possible. It can't get much better for a storm observer. The condensation vortex soon would "rope out" in a fascinating and enjoyable way as well...

11 E St. Peter KS (22 May 7), looking NNE.