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Parting Kiss

Parting Kiss

[Part 6 of 6] A sinuous, detached filament of condensation still hung on beneath the shriveling primary funnel, as the St. Peter tornado proceeded with its own demise. Even though the cloud tube was breaking up, there still was a wavy, continuous, tornadic wind tube from ground to cloud! Close examination beneath the lowest scud chunk (lower/middle left) reveals a smooth and narrow pipe of condensation that I happened to catch in a still image as it briefly swirled along the ground. Within a few more seconds after this tornadic farewell smooch, all evidence of the tornado vanished from view, and the entire mesocyclone circulation weakened dramatically. This storm never again spawned a confirmed tornado, but did occlude one or two more mesocyclones buried deeply within rain. A separate supercell to the southeast, about 2-1/2 hours later, provided a brilliant nighttime light show.

11 E St. Peter KS (22 May 7), looking NE.