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Blizzard Streamers

Blizzard Streamers

True blizzards don't happen very often in these parts; but on Christmas Eve of 2009, we had a historic one for central Oklahoma. My only other one was in March of 1989, with more snow but less wind and time duration, and much less willingness to get our amidst the maelstrom and shoot photos. This time, I was out there in its full and frigid fury, fascinated by the fluid flows traced by streamers of fine snow crystals. The road, being on a slight topographic ridge, was blown bare, channels of crystals whipping along the surface in a manner that recalled grainy old video of Dakotas blizzards from a generation or two ago. One couldn't stay outdoors long, lest limbs lose sensation, including the ever-valuable shutter finger.

Norman, OK (24 Dec 9), looking SE

Blizzard Streamers 2