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Tilted Tower

Tilted Tower

Strangely askew, this towering cumulus cloud beautifully reflected the setting sun's final rays of the day. I don't have a certain explanation for the contorted alignment, but I do have a reasonable guess. The area was covered with cold outflow from a departing storm complex whose trailing precipitation cascade can be seen at distant left. Air above the southern part of that outflow pool hadn't been stabilized much yet, however. The combination of warm advection above the boundary layer, and lift from the outflow current, contributed to this convective plume. Its abrupt leftward (northeastward) lurch in the middle levels may be related to thermal stratification there, channeling the convection into a more slantwise plume. Of course, no sounding went up in this environment to confirm or refute that guess.

3 SSE Yuma CO (21 Jun 10), looking SE.