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Sunrise, Sunset

Serene Subtropical Sunrise

Serene Subtropical Sunrise

The first light of dawn spread calmly over the Gulf Stream, silhouetting a line of small cumulonimbi located along a land-breeze front about 20 miles offshore. Land-breeze fronts act like weaker versions of their daylight counterparts, sea-breeze fronts. In a land-breeze flow, cool land air flows seaward over relatively warm water. On occasion, the lift along them is strong enough to support showers and thunderstorms, but usually not as strong as their daylight sea-breze counterparts because of weaker overall buoyancy. In South Florida, it is common for land-breeze convection to move shoreward as the flow reverses to sea-breeze shortly after sunrise, sometimes surviving well inland. This was a special scene, particularly coming less than a month after the mass mayhem of Hurricane Andrew. When I need to relax, I can just look at this picture.

Coral Gables FL (12 Sep 92), looking SE