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The Wall Cloud Wall

An Occlusion among Many

An Occlusion among Many

(Part 3 of 3) The mesocyclone here (the fourth of seven total from this supercell) was a broad, elongated circulation that produced this large and ragged wall cloud. Taking a long time to organize, it began rotating rapidly, as it retreated slowly NNW away from us and into more and more rain. In the low-contrast murk, we saw an ominous, bowl-shaped lowering that might have made a brief multivortex tornado in open country, but it was too poorly visible to say for sure. Later we caught a surprising glimpse of a brief, weak, filamentous tornado that popped out of the distant and deeply occluded skeleton of the last mesocyclone, number three. That tornado was more readily visible to a few observers who had crammed themselves into the "vault" area ENE of the newer circulation shown here. Now, if that weren't enough...still another, similarly large and messy (but less photogenic) mesocyclone would form after this--a fifth occlusion. It didn't do anything of consequence, and was buried in rain much of the time. Finally, with the sixth occlusion, we saw a better defined tornado.

8 W Vigo Park TX (11 Jun 5) Looking NNW