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Vigo Vigor

Vigo Vigor

Numerous wall clouds came and went in this long-lived supercell, before it finally produced a well defined tornado. This vortex formed from a southward moving, deep, old and shrinking occlusion (the sixth of seven mesocyclones we observed). The tornado caught us somewhat by surprise, but fortunately we were in good position to observe and document it. It also moved southward, popping a power line but doing no major damage. The experience for me was short-lived but captivating -- riveting a spirit within that has been attracted since early childhood to the sort of menacing darkness of a stormy western sky that terrifies most other people and creatures. The ominous nature of this scene, the heavy slate hue of the storm base and the foreboding murk of the hook echo precip behind the tornado, the threat and the reality of atmospheric violence, gave a powerful contrast in mood to the placid verdance of shortgrass prairie in springtime.

4 ENE Vigo Park TX (11 Jun 5) Looking WNW