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Daytime Lightning

Voda CG

Voda CG

[Part 2 of 2] A lightning stroke bursts from behind cloud and rain, slicing through the twilight on the western Kansas plains. The storm intercept day had been long and frustrating. We drove westward in increments across most of Kansas, witnessing a series of isolated thunderstorms form, temporarily look promising, then die along a weak stationary front. The dilemma was: Should we keep getting suckered farther west as each storm in the series erodes away, or would we call it quits and head back to Kansas City? In this case, my stubbornness and persistence was rewarded. The tail-end storm somehow found the right balance and wound itself into a supercell just before sunset, then lasted long enough to give us a great fireworks show while some daylight lingered. How apprpriate too; it was just two days before Independence Day.

1 S Voda KS (2 Jul 93), looking NW.