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The Majestic Supercell

Inflow Sector

Inflow Sector

I appreciated the honor and privelege of watching this western Kansas supercell for its entire lifespan, from first towers north of Dodge City to mature, well structured storm here, to producer of a pleasant little tornado E of St. Peter, to a rain-enshrouded mess shortly before dark, SE of Hill City. There's a wholeness of conceptual grasp, a completeness of comprehension nearly unmatched in weather observation, that comes from bearing first hand witness to every single shape, shade and shuffle of a storm's long lifespan. It goes well beyond any single, short-lived event or phenomenon within -- even a tornado -- and more fully into the realm of understanding a process. This part of the process was dominated by strong inflow, so much so that the wind sock at the little Great Plains airstrip was pointing straight into the N side of the supercell's updraft region, on command from the warm and moist inflow air that fueled the storm's severity.

1 S Wakeeney KS (22 May 7) Looking W