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The Wall Cloud Wall

Ominous, Nearby Wall Cloud

Ominous, Nearby Wall Cloud

(Part 3 of 3)... Less than a mile to the NW, the wall cloud had a very low base for an LP storm and was furiously rotating. The scalloped "humps" on the right (NE) side of the wall cloud were racing rapidly up and around its side, spiraling in a frantic dervish of helicity. The four chasers on the scene, all hardened storm veterans (me, Bobby Prentice, Gene Moore and Jeff Passner) were thinking aloud that this could spawn a tornado any second. Instead, the wall cloud rotated for over half an hour and never produced a tornado. In fact, within another half-hour after this shot, the entire thunderstorm had vanished! Such is the nature of storm watching -- especially in my presence. On this day, my legendary "curse" had vanquished Gene's legendary skill and luck...and Bobby's too!

6 NW Rotan TX (6 May 95), looking NW