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The Wall Cloud Wall

Wind Turbines Engulfed

Wind Turbines Engulfed

This supercell already had spawned a series of tornadoes, including one that just had crossed the Wichita Mountains and dissipated behind (S of) the ridge line in the near background. The wall cloud itself represents enough of a pressure drop in the new mesocyclone to condense cloud material very low in altitude--close enough to ground that the wind turbines extended into the cloud! The shot below is a crop-and-zoom of the one at left, showing in more detail a wall cloud seemingly afflicted with an insatiable appetite for turbine blades. The wind farm was getting rocked, and the big show hadn't even begun quite yet. Soon, a new tornado would form on the E (left) edge of the new mesocirculation.

10 NNW Meers OK (7 Nov 11) Looking SW

Wind Turbine Wall Cloud -- Zoom