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Wind Farm Tornado: One Turbine Hit

Wind Farm Tornado: One Turbine Hit

[Part 2 of 5] Although this mostly was a multiple-vortex tornado, the Wind Farm Tornado's circulation contained a dominant, central, primarily conical vortex throughout most of its lifespan. Occasional coils and tendrils of suction vortices materialized and vanished on various sides, dancing as if vaporous marionettes mastered by the tornado cyclone above. Here, the main cone condensed right on top of a turbine and is seen peeling off the machine, causing no apparent harm. This lack of obvious damage repeated itself as at least two other turbines took direct and non-destructive hits from either the main vortex or one of the suction spots. Clearly, the builders of Blue Canyon did a good job! I'm glad too; for some of my home's electricity comes from this facility. This isn't the sort of "wind power" the designers had in mind; but their work held up admirably well.

10 NNW Meers OK (7 Nov 11) Looking SW

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