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Wind Farm Tornado: Two Tubes

Wind Farm Tornado: Two Tubes

[Part 4 of 5] For a brief time, the Wind Farm Tornado bore two distinctly visible tubes, as main vortex reorganized and one of the western subvortices tightened and condensed better. Chances are, however, other unseen swirls were happening in this broad, chaotic and rapidly evolving tornadic circulation. In the storm-scale environment, including the broader mesocyclone, the blades' rotational planes pivoted to face the wind, as designed. However, in the tornadic circulation, they simply didn't have time to respond to wind directions that changed by the second. As such, I saw blades turning (from leftover angular momentum) against the forces being applied by temporarily opposing wind angles.

10 NNW Meers OK (7 Nov 11) Looking SW

Wind Turbine Tornado: Two Tubes  -- Zoom