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Solar Powered Wind Power

Solar Powered Wind Power

One of the facets of storm observing that I like best is the mystery of where the wind will drop me at the end of the chase day. Even with a good forecast, one only can guess the part of a state or region where the trip will finish, and even then, special surprises often await. On this day, after a photographically bountiful jaunt through the Permian Basin and Big Country, the breezes deposited us here, on a highway spur outside Roscoe, with part of what will become the nation's largest wind farm smack between my camera lens and the setting sun. How symbolic and fitting! That same wind, ultimately powered by solar energy, in turn whirls those blades. Eventually this array will make 800 megawatts of electricity, once all of the roughly 640 turbines are constructed around the town, thereby taming just a little of what singer Tracy Lawrence once dubbed "the wild west Texas wind."

1 SW Roscoe TX (23 Apr 8) looking W.