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Kansas High Plains Tornado

Kansas High Plains Tornado

One tornado photo that didn't get away was a long time coming. It may be hard to believe, but out of all the tornadoes I had seen before, some as far back as childhood in 1976, this was the first of which I captured a well-defined photo! This tornado was a storm observer's dream -- spinning up under a classic supercell out in the open country NW of Liberal KS, and endangering nothing but grasshoppers and crows. It was visible for less than 30 seconds and did no damage. Curtains of precipitation can be seen behind and left of the tornado (to its SW), getting denser to its right (to its NW and N). On radar, these would appear as a tightly curved "hook" echo. The cloud formation at upper right was part of a newer, closer mesoscyclone, beginning to rotate strongly at the time of this photo. It almost produced another tornado much closer to us before being undercut by outflow.

6 W Woods, KS (22 May 95), Looking WSW