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Daytime Lightning

Red Electric Halo

Red Electric Halo

[Part 2 of 3] Our Wyoming Black Hills supercell produced numerous strobing CGs, a good number captured by our cameras. This one fired through an outflow-lifted updraft, forming a cloud base halo that got progressively redder with distance from the penetration point of the stroke. Meanwhile, since the last lightning photo here, the mesocyclone had produced a brief, low contrast tornado. Its wall cloud still can be seen, partly rain-wrapped, at distant right. This was what I sometimes call a "Pac-Man" supercell, with the rear-flank (left) and forward-flank (far right) cores forming the mouth and the mesocyclone in the inner corner. Observers in the inflow notch, therefore, risk being eaten!

6 WSW Buckhorn WY (9 Jun 6) Looking SW