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The Majestic Supercell

Outflow Surfer

Outflow Surfer

Having temporarily gotten away from us as we repositioned, this striking supercell offered a splendid scene anyway, as it dominated the near-northeastern sky. The storm conveniently was located just north of an east-west Interstate to parallel its direction of motion, allowing for a rapid catch-up exercise. Catch it we did, eventually, though it cruised along at a rate of speed faster than the usual equations of flow would dictate. The high base of the storm can be seen even from this far away, as it rode atop and just behind a layer of its own outflow. Even from miles away, we had a great view of what was happening beneath, as we got onto the slab and moved abeam of the storm. When this supercell eventually died in western Nebraska, on our last full day of the vacation, we thought the chase day (and season) was over, and headed for lodging. Along the way, we were given an amazing and unexpected visual gift of one final, spectacular new storm.

1 E Pine Bluffs WY (22 Jun 10), Looking NE