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College Station TX

February 2008

Here are a few images from in the museum and on the grounds. While I didn't get much help photographically from the dim lighting inside, I was able to get a few decent images of selected contents. Unfortunately, I had left my zoom lenses in the car far away, so I couldn't get a decent shot of a mating pair of crested caracaras that appeared overhead, literally out of the blue, while I was sitting on a park bench talking to Elke. So for nature photos there, you'll have to settle instead for a softshell turtle... :-)

Rotunda from the front entrance
Rotunda from the front entrance
Cabbage in the landscaping
One of many cabbages in the wintertime landscaping
Bush Library pond
Looking across the pond at the museum (left) and library archives (right). Fishing is allowed!
Piece of Berlin Wall
A chuck of the Berlin Wall, which fell during this presidency
Landscaping near the pond, with cabbages and ornamental grass. Bridge to gravesite is at left rear.
Nixon letter transcript
Transcript of a handwritten draft of his eventual letter to Nixon, urging the latter's resignation
Gift vase
One of numerous gifts on display that were given during the presidency by visiting foreign leaders
Front view, Bush Library
Front view of the museum
Astros boots
Alas, they're Astros fans...can't be perfect!
Graves of George, Barbara and Robin
Current gravesite of Robin Bush, future burial plots for George and Barbara (BLOG - personal experiences here)
Naval Aviator's card
Naval Aviator's card for George
Horses sculpture
Sculpture of horses hurdling fallen pieces of the Berlin Wall
Softshell turtle
Softshell turtle, ready to dive into the pond at slightest disturbance


Roger & Elke Edwards Digital Photo Galleries

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