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Venting Steam in the Morning Fog

Venting Steam in the Morning Fog

Posted: 02/04/14

Effects, Landscapes

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Transient spotlighting by the earliest sun rays accentuated the main steam plume from a series of vents in western Yellowstone National Park, behind a starkly mineralized landscape where only a few skeletons remained of a former forest. In the cold, foggy dawn, before the arrival of hikers and tourists, the main noise was a stereophonic surround-sound chamber of hissing, gurgling and splashing from the assortment of hydrothermal expulsions going in every direction. It felt like a world within a world, under the world--uneasy, foreboding, ominous, yet captivating. Someday, all this will be obliterated in an eruption far greater than ever before seen by any man.


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