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  • Spectacular, Roger! I just love fiery sunsets like this!

    Carolyn Kloth @ 2015-10-25 18:16:16
  • Thanks,Carolyn!
    ===== Roger ===== @ 2015-10-27 10:48:04

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Parting Kiss from Patricia

Parting Kiss from Patricia

Posted: 10/24/15


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Several of the most brilliantly chromatic sunset displays I've seen have been on the west side of high-cloud shields produced by tropical cyclones; this incredibly textured stunner ranks right up there. A deeply granular cloud shield, spawned over Mexico by what was left of Hurricane Patricia, blew northeastward through our wide and wondrous sky. Red rays of day's end shone through a thin slit of western clearing, casting their intense glow and making shadows across the inverted cloudscape.


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