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Highland Solace

Highland Solace

Posted: 03/29/16

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A short hike through some open stiles and up a hill led us to this oasis of beauty and serenity, tumbling in stages off a basalt plateau on Iceland’s eastern highlands. This is a waterfall much like its name, not very long but intricately structured. Fortunately one doe not have to pronounce “Yst i-Rjukandi” correctly to witness the marvel. Nearly on the opposite end of the island from Reykjavik, this is one of the island’s least-visited cascades, set in a landscape just south of the Arctic Circle that looks every bit the unspoiled and faraway ideal of pastoral solace. On this cool and fine afternoon we had it to ourselves, the only sounds aside from our own footsteps being the continual splashing of the water in a vertically stereophonic rush.


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