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Tornadic Bizarre Bazaar

Tornadic Bizarre Bazaar

Posted: 07/11/17


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Truly one of the strangest supercell presentations I’ve ever witnessed — this storm formed in mid-morning near the center of an occluding low-level cyclone and stayed anchored with the low for several hours into mid-afternoon, trekking across much of northwestern Kansas into southern Nebraska, nearly 100 miles behind the dryline. This wide-angle view looks southwest at the northward-moving storm. Do you see the huge tornado? Look behind that row of trees in the distance. That rain-encircled wedge, often totally hidden from view, was one of several substantial tornadoes in a sequence within the main mesocyclone, which you can see as a tilted, surprisingly narrow convective chimney sloping away and to the right, well into the storm’s upper reaches. The updraft tower isn’t much wider than the visible tornado funnel below cloud base! In fact, since the tower was rotating visually at very rapid speeds, it’s plausible to argue that you are seeing the tornado in middle and upper levels too — or at least, the tornado cyclone.


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