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Total Eclipse 2017:  The Process

Total Eclipse 2017: The Process

Posted: 08/24/17

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We know why total solar eclipses occur, and how, and can plant ourselves in the path hours in advance after a successful no-cloud forecast, in order to observe and document the progress of the silhouetted moon across the solar disc. When the moon is just a little too distant, the eclipse is "annular" (ring-like). When the moon orbits closer, this immersive amazement unfolds, indelibly drilling straight into one's soul. Scientific understanding of the phenomenon does not prepare one for the totality of the totality experience in all human senses: cooling temperatures, calming of heretofore ceaseless High Plains wind, sunlight on the prairie grass visibly dimming, rapid darkening, that shadowy speed, high clouds blacken in the west, zoom...horizon light with deep navy blue (not black) twilight overhead, surrounding the ring of coronal brilliance about an orb of singular darkness. All too soon, the veil rises and the sky and ground brighten with astonishing quickness. This simple 13-photo composite samples the sequence; here's my SkyPix photo only of totality.


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