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Sunset over Godafoss

Sunset over Godafoss

Posted: 09/26/17

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Though modest in height by Icelandic standards, Godafoss (Waterfall of the Gods) rightfully is renowned as once of Iceland's most inspiring and beautiful. That's especially true when paired with one of those lengthy sunsets of a high-latitude summertime. To balance the light for this shot, I employed either a 2- or 3-stop handheld graduated neutral-density filter, wiping off spray with a terrycloth. Once the image glowed satisfactorily from the viewfinder, I set aside and covered up equipment, immersively concentrating on a moment in time and place framed in a unique blend of land, water and sky. That's so important. Without a mindful, multi-sensory experience of a scene's place and time, photography degenerates wastefully to mere picture-taking.


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