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In Honor of Matt Biddle

In Honor of Matt Biddle

Posted: 04/17/18

Landscapes, Storms

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He narrowly escaped death from a severe stroke years before, as part of a tough life that was longer than even experts expected, yet still too short. My scientific colleague, and our friend and fellow storm observer Matt Biddle passed away last week from cardiac complications related to Proteus syndrome. Matt was deeply devoted to understanding, observing and documenting tornadoes, and to reducing the human suffering from storms by investigating the response to forecasts and warnings. He was even more devoted to his daughter and friends. Here was a tornado near St. Peter, KS, that Matt helped me to find with a "nowcast" call out of the blue, back in the days when I didn't have onboard cellular data. Thanks for all the great memories and service to others, in the face of medical struggles most cannot comprehend, and R.I.P. Matt.


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