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Sunset on the Sojourn

Sunset on the Sojourn

Posted: 09/01/18


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Another storm-observing sojourn concluded with a marvelous sunset, this time across the northern Texas Panhandle as a complex of storms moved away to the southeast. I have photographed many hundreds of sunsets, but regardless of their uniqueness and wonder, some of the most memorable ended the last chase day of a season. The reason is partly metaphorical, partly reminiscent. Spending mindful time in these final-sunset moments compels contemplation of the weeks-long journey that led here, that soon takes us home. As the High Plains horizon envelops more of the golden orb, we reflect on the adventures and misadventures, the serious and the comical, the relaxing and frantic, the dangerous ones that could have killed us and, as with a finale like this, the relaxing and contemplative that rejuvenates and nurtures life, and just the beginning hint of anticipation for new experiences afield next spring.


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