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Wondrous Storm Light

Wondrous Storm Light

Posted: 05/10/19

Landscapes, Storms

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A maddening navigational error, gambling on a back-road shortcut that turned out to be flooded 15 miles in, made me backtrack 20 minutes each way onto a different, longer route, wondering what I had missed, barely able to return to the front of a growing storm cluster with embedded supercells. Yet that frustration became a blessing in disguise when I finally got back ahead of the storms, to be greeted and blessed by this -- a scene not possible on my original path. The marvelous, near-sunset light, filtered through layers and textures of clouds, rain and sky, above fields of wavy green, amidst the warbling of meadowlarks and fresh aroma of rain-cooled outflow from a different cell to my rear, melted away all tensions and left nothing but the moment in its splendor.


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