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River Rock Ripples

River Rock Ripples

Posted: 05/14/19

Effects, Waterscapes

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Returning from a visit to the legendary Grove of the Patriarchs, in Mount Rainier National Park, I thought we had seen something amazing. We had. Douglas firs, western hemlocks, and western red cedars, nearly a thousand years old and sheltered on an island in the Ohanepecosh River, evoked a grand sense of smallness amidst the stately giants. Yet setting out upon the trail, little did I realize that the most visually interesting part of the hike would involve looking down through clear stream waters at small stones. The ever-changing, never-duplicated interplay of prismatic twinkles, with which I spent nearly an hour of observation, fascination and photography at various scales, nearly was missed by crossing a footbridge high above. Instead, the simple act of exploring the riverbank and looking down (in a place where most look way up high) opened up a fluidly kaleidoscopic experience of fascinating fun. The old life-lessons adages about the journey versus the destination are real, even on scales of minutes to hours, and more commonly than we may notice.


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