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Forested Waterfalls:  Central Oklahoma

Forested Waterfalls: Central Oklahoma

Posted: 07/03/19

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When thinking of waterfalls, what places come to mind? Iceland? Hawaii? Yellowstone? The Cascade Mountains? New England? How about Norman? Right here in central Oklahoma, I’ve found a wonderful, secluded spot on private land to which I have permissible access. After a heavy rain, this wonderful little set of falls bursts forth over platforms of sandstone, underlain by hollows in soft red Permian shales, and surrounded by a lush green springtime canopy of woods. The scene gets even more deeply colorful by means of short time exposure in indirect, diffusive light of rainy overcast, a situation I’ve used before to photographic satisfaction. Then when not doing photography⁠ — the rightful majority of time in such settings ⁠— I simply can relax and let go, within the cool moisture and that soothing sound of water rushing over the ledges and splashing below. It’s a soothing salve for the soul.


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