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Big Nighttime Tornado with Lightning

Big Nighttime Tornado with Lightning

Posted: 07/10/19


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Following the dissipation stage of a smaller sunset/twilight tornado, this fat vortex formed and trucked along deeper into the dark of night, with a maximum surveyed width of 875 yards. Fortunately, it missed population centers. Despite the late hour, this photo’s brightness can be attributed to high ISO offsetting short exposure time, with lightning as an illumination. In a rare feat for me, I managed to snag a cloud-to-ground stroke and tornado in the same shot. That flash lit up the scene to the right and (indirectly) behind the tornado, allowing it to be seen in silhouetted form here, after separate, in-cloud flashes illuminated the ground and sky. The white and red streaks just in front of the horizon are vehicle lights along a highway. Did their drivers even know about the tornado?


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