About this Photoblog

Welcome to Image of the Week from Roger Edwards. Each week, I'll select and upload one favorite photo from practically anywhere in my portfolio -- whether weather or not, old or recent, natural or man-made subjects...whatever strikes my fancy as something most worth sharing that week. Each photo will be viewable one at a time, at up to 800 x 600 pixel size, with a short caption to tell the story behind the image.

This will be yet another outlet for conveying my passion for the beautiful and the unusual elements of our outdoors in all its forms -- land, air and water. Every year I travel for many thousands of miles across assorted highways, trails, airways and waterways of opportunity in this amazing nation, capturing moments that already have captured me in at least fleeting bonds of appreciative immersion.

I hope you similarly find some measure of fascination, solace, awe or wonder in these scenes.

===== Roger Edwards, Photographer =====