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River Rock Ripples Cracks on the CauldronSpotlit Badland HillsWater BeamsPrismatic EyeHawaiian HighSunset through VogFoggy Mountain SunsetFlowing FurnaceLava-Lake Glow on Low CloudsWarm OutflowTwilight Surf: Olympic National ParkCrystal DaggersTotal Eclipse 2017:  The ProcessRadial RiseCranebowWind-Blasted WaterfallSpotlit OceanDeep Twilight, Ice BeachSnow Geese in the RainDichotomiesGrand Prismatic AbstractionMorning at Narada FallsMeetings of Many MeaningsSpotlit Moss, Olympic Rain ForestSparkling CharOlympic Mountains in SmokeAntique VistaSunset ElementsRainbow through Falling HailYellowstone Morning FogsStorm Light over the Davis MountainsMirroring Dallas' TallestShimmering SeaIndependence: Bombs Bursting in AirThe Ice Monster of JokulsarlonBubbles, Bubbles, Toils and TroublesOptical Corona through WaterfallTwilight Surf and IceThe Stacks of ReynisdrangarBlack Sand Dunes at SunsetSupercell's PastelsSpray over Basal BasaltAn Enchanting EveningCold Wash CycleSilver Lining with a CloudAlien Underground?Wet WebDusty SundownShark's Fin SunsetSunset IceSunlight from BelowOU Crimson IceVenting Steam in the Morning FogAn Extraordinary SkyBarcelona Beach by NightIce Tree MonsterGrand Prismatic Wide PerspectivePot of EnergySteamy LedgesSandy ReflectionsSpringtime in the SandhillsWindow in the SkyConvective AlpenglowRain and ShineSuperior Cliffs at SunsetIlluminating the Abandoned WithinRaindrops on GlassPacific SpotlightComet Pan-STARRS, Okie Smoke and a Crescent MoonReflecting the TerminatorA Sandhill Crane SunsetAnnular Solar Eclipse of 2012Mirroring the Foggy SunLucent LiquidityHighlighted HitchReflective FractalBalloon SunWashington Coast ReflectionsThe Ray of HopeFoggy BackwaterNight Storm Lit Four WaysRay-darObedient IceAn Inspirational LightPinatubo Twilight over South FloridaParhelia (Sundogs)