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Snow-Dusted Desert MountainsBlue Sky, Sticky SnowCooler TimesHawaiian HighFlock O'the MornCrystal DaggersOkie Winter SunriseThunderbird FrozenBlizzard at the DockWinter SparklesSnowy Morning at the Weather Center Holiday Light: Land and SkyChristmastime Sunrise in OklahomaEvening in the "Village"Fallen ArchesSunset IceOU Crimson IceAlien Ice FormIce Tree MonsterWinter HaySteam and IceA Midsummer's DreamThree Icicles DripThree Ice ToesWintertime at Mono LakeVolkswagen on IceMerry Christmas from OklahomaIcicle WashRed Bird in a RedbudObedient IceMono Tones