List of Javascript Time Lapses

from DSLR Still Photography

by Roger Edwards

In Spring 2012, I received a photo-timer attachment for my DSLR as a gift, and started using it. These time lapses are the result. Most recent is first.

Multicell Blasting More Bolts
(Norman OK)

Bolt-Blasting Multicell
(Norman OK)

Twilight Storm, Colors and Clouds
(Norman OK)

Retreating MCS in Late Twilight
(Roundup MT)

Twilight Lightning & Mammatus
(Roundup MT)

Sparkling Twilight Supercell
(Arcadia NE)

Night Lightning and Emerging Moonlight
(Imperial NE)

Twilight Lightning in Storm Towers
(Tecumseh OK)

Theodore Roosevelt National Park, Northeast View Time Lapse
(Medora ND)

Deep Convection over Theodore Roosevelt National Park, Loop 3
(Medora ND)

Deep Convection over Theodore Roosevelt National Park, Loop 2
(Medora ND)

Deep Convection over Theodore Roosevelt National Park, Loop 1
(Medora ND)

2012 Annular Solar Eclipse
(Bledsoe TX)

Textured Elevated Storm Base
(Moorewood OK)

Convective Towers beyond Shadowed Mammatus
(Vici OK)

Sunrise Wide Angle from NWC Roof
(Norman OK)

Why Javascript? Easy: I already knew how to set it up. I didn't feel like taking the time to download or buy assorted video software, perform and trail-and-error experimenting with all codecs, compressions, etc. The stuff I did try either created video files larger in byte size (but smaller in screen size) than the collective JPGs, or when using compression, pixelated the images badly. No thanks. This works; so here you go.

NOTE: All photos © 2012-2013 Roger Edwards, All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without authorization in any medium whatsoever will be strictly enforced by photographer's licensing agent, Insojourn Design and Images, as a violation of Federal copyright law pursuant to 17 USC Section 504b-504c and 17 USC Section 505.

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