by Roger Edwards

Welcome to SkyPix, an online photo book of clouds, weather and water by Roger Edwards. As in a printed coffee-table book, every image has its own page with a unique story. After all, meaningful photography is much more than just picture-taking; it is visually rendering a moment in place and time from a perspective like none other. As a scientist and an artist, I hope my deep passion for the power and splendor of our skies and waters shines through in these pages. Every page leads to the next, and eventually back again, in a great circle of appreciation of Creation. If you are a cloud and weather aficionado, outdoor enthusiast, outdoor or nature photographer, art lover, or anyone who craves learning, enjoy...

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Night Lightning

Daytime Lightning

Mini Cloud-Atlas

Visual Effects

Sunrise, Sunset

Okie Winters

The Majestic Supercell

Gallery of Outflow

Wall Cloud Wall


Hurricane Andrew


Unusual Weather Damage

Fog & Mist

Water Works

All Hail



PUBLICATION LICENSING: All licensing for digital or hardcopy publication or other commercial use is handled through a professional stock agency, Insojourn Design and Images. For information on image licensing please E-mail the photographer or his agent, Insojourn.


Unless otherwise noted, all images Copyright © 1986-2013 by Roger Edwards, all rights reserved. Photographic images containing my copyright notice must not be altered, must not be traded in any manner (including but not limited to sale, barter, or gift), must not be duplicated by any means (including but not limited to broadcast, photography, electonic transfer, printing, or photocopying) and must not be reproduced or downloaded for any purpose other than personal viewing, without my expressed written consent. Although this website is a nonprofit endeavor, much of this imagery has had commercial usage and market value; and I won't tolerate unauthorized redistribution, display or reproduction of my work. I take copyright protection seriously and will vigorously prosecute if necessary.

Photographs with NSSL or NHC designators are public domain -- taken on-the-job using government equipment and/or film, as part of an official assignment. However, by downloading any such photo, you agree to this stipulation: if you decide to use such a photo, you must acknowledge the photographer (me) and the agency (labeled on the photo).

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