(in)Famous Storm Chase Vehicles

Web pages dedicated to legendary cars, vans, trucks, and other vehicles used in storm chasing

These pages feature some of the most bizarre vehicles known to man and used as mobile scientific storm observation labs, as well as everyday cars that, for good reasons, have gained the greatest degrees of fame and notoriety among chasers.

Storm chasers have used vehicles ranging from custom gizmo-machines worth over $100,000, to battle-scarred $80 urban-assault vehicles that most would relegate to the scrapyards. This collection is a cross section of those, taking the flagship of Americana -- the automobile -- and imparting to it a distinct cyclonic twist. Enjoy!

Chase Hotel

Doppler on Wheels

Dryline Chaser

Meatwagon (1992-1999)

Meatwagon (original)




StormTracker (Carson Eads)

White Elephant

This page was created and is edited and maintained by Roger Edwards, with contributions from the people whose vehicles are featured. More vehicles will be added as time permits. Many thanks to those with widely known "infamous" vehicles who are willing to share stories and photos of their trusty machines!

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